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Introduction to Occupy Trees

Attention, Protesters!

We live in troubled times. During times like these, we must express our dissatisfaction by taking to the streets. We must march, we must picket, we must occupy. But we also need to be aware of the ecology of our surroundings.Trees provide demonstrators with protection from the elements, cans of tear gas, and angry insults from counter-protesters. They also provide the powers that be — a.k.a., “the Man” — with excuses to break up our demonstrations. “Park cleaning” and “property damage” are both justifications that public officials might use to send us home. When we damage the greenery that surrounds us, we damage our own cause.

So whether you’re occupying a public area or camping out in a private park, it’s important to take care of your protest space. The following pages were written to help you do just that…