What To Do and What Not To Do

What “To Do” and “Not To Do” During an Occupation
DO NOT – Walk on the Tree Beds

Trees absorb water through their “fine roots”, located deep beneath the top of the soil. Foot traffic on the tree beds causing soil compaction which prevents water from properly traveling through the soil to the tree’s fine roots.

DO NOT – Urinate on the Tree Beds

Human Urine, in small doses, can actually be beneficial for the trees due to it’s high nitrogen content. But if a lot of people are urinating in the same spot, an overload of nitrogen/acidity can occur, causing long-term damage to the tree. In large occupations, it may be hard to keep track of the number of people urinating in each spot – therefore we recommend to prohibit such activity. Salting of the soil?

DO NOT – Let Dogs Urinate on the Tree Beds

Dog urine contains particularly high levels of salt, which removes moister from the tree leaves and roots and kills beneficial soil microorganisms. Dog urination on tree beds should be strictly prohibited.

DO NOT – Break Branches and Leaves off the Trees!

DO NOT – Carve Your Name or Anything Else on the Trees!

By carving in the tree you are damaging the protective layer of the tree, making it more susceptible to disease. It may also inhibit movement of water and vital nutrients.

DO NOT – Tie Tents, Lock your Bike, or Wrap anything around the Trees!

Tying things around a tree or Locking your bike to a tree can damage the protective bark and the cambium (inner skin), which transports sap, what trees need to live! It can also leave permanent scars, leaving an opening for parasites and fungus. You could also get a fine!

DO – Put Up Signs!

Help prevent people from walking on the tree beds, and urination on the tree beds, by putting signs up around the tree. Ideally, these signs would contain information about the potential hazards of these actions to help inform the occupiers and better serve the long-life of the tree.

DO – Get Certified to be and Urban Tree Pruner!

Find out how to get certified in your city and you can legally prune the trees.

DO – Spread the Word!

Tell other occupiers what you know about trees and encourage people to be aware and respectful of the trees.


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